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Grace Eden – The face of Revival Lingerie

I’m so excited to be writing this very first, shiny blog post for the wonderful Revival Lingerie who have always placed so much faith in me as a model from day one.
Hi there! I’m Grace and I’m the face (and body) of Revival Lingerie. I’ve been modelling girdles, pants, suspender belts and bras for the last 6 years now and during that time I’ve gone up two dress sizes and two cup sizes! And you know what? I’m ok with that. I’m ok with that because a few years ago I was a size four and weighed only five stone at my poorliest stage. In fact, at one point I was so mentally and physically ill that I was living on prescribed protein shakes that are given to cancer patients. I was Anorexic. Although at the time I just felt fat. And ugly. And useless.

If you’d have said to me 6 years ago that one day I would be 36 and the face of a Lingerie brand, I’d have laughed at you and then cried because everything felt so hopeless. But here I am. And I’m not only confident and comfortable in my own skin, but I’m also healthy. No more starving. No more looking in the mirror and seeing fat rolls where ribs were. I have discovered over time, and rather painfully , that you have to learn to love yourself on the inside before you can ever accept the image that stares back at you in photographs, in shop windows when you walk past, in toilet mirrors.

I know I’m not a plus sized model. I’m a size 12 which in the Fashion industry is probably (and wrongly) called plus sized but nevertheless I do have cellulite. I do have scars (including a large one over my tummy from a hernia operation). I also have little rolls around my waist and I’m very grateful for Revival Lingerie for not editing them out! Go look, you’ll see! I also have the odd laughter line and wrinkle. Hey, I’m allowed! I’ve laughed! I’ve cried! I’ve lived. These marks are the brush strokes of my memories on my Life canvas.
You may look at me on the website and think ‘why is she the model? She’s not young/pretty/skinny/tanned ( insert appropriate word or ten )’ But for me, it’s incredibly important that I front this brand. Because I’m NOT a model. By which I mean, this isn’t just me. I’m also a full time carer for my father who has Parkinsons. I’m an ex anorexic. I have mental health challenges. But those things don’t define me either. I’m a great many things. and that’s what it is to be a woman and that’s what it is to wear Revival Lingerie. Because every woman no matter her size or colour or role in life should feel beautiful and sexy. We are mums, and partners, carers, career women, business owners, housewives. We have smiles and tears and curves and freckles and stretch marks. All of this is what makes us who we are and that should be celebrated. That’s why I’m modelling for Revival Lingerie. Because it doesn’t matter to me what people see when they look at me in pictures. It’s what I see that counts and right now I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

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