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Let’s talk bullet bras

Let’s talk bullet bras. Sound scary right? Like there’s some kind of ammunition involved?! But no, what we’re actually talking about is those vintage bras with a pointy conical shape made iconic in the 1950’s. Originally these sexy boob pointers were called Chansonette bras. But since they look like they’re going to have someone’s eye out, we’ve later adopted the name ‘bullet’ bra. Revival Lingerie has a lovely collection of said pieces and you can see me on the website pointing out and up and ready to take on the world. These sculptured works of wonder are an absolute must in the pin-up’s wardrobe, so don’t be afraid of them. I’m here to talk you through a few pointers. (See what I did there?! ).

Getting them on/Putting them in

So you’ve purchased your bullet bra or indeed are trying one on somewhere. Putting on a bullet isn’t too different to putting on a normal bra but there are a few steps that will make your girls comfy and safe!
1) Lean over when putting on the bra. Coax your boobies into their little cups. Jiggle about if it helps. Sing along to Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Optional.
2) Adjust those shoulder straps-really important! You might think at first that your Bullet is saggy on the cups but hoiking those straps up will make a massive difference to the way your babies look.
3) Once straps are adjusted, have another fiddle around to ensure the perfect fit. I like to call this the swoop-and-scoop manoeuvre. Make sure each breast is sitting comfortably in the cup. Think of a boiled egg in it’s cup .
4) For that extra point or if your girls fall between sizes, consider adding a bullet bra pad. Revival Lingerie do not at present sell these but they are readily available elsewhere.

Size A-D

When it comes to what size to go for, it all really depends on the kind of bra you wear currently. If for instance, you wear a non-padded cut and sewn bra and are happy with the fit, then go for that size in the bullet. If you are a molded/push up/add-a-cup-size kind of girl then I’d advise seeing what size you are in a non-padded basic bra first. You really need to be able to fill the bullet adequately or you won’t get the point! And that’s missing the point! Ok, enough points for a moment!

Bullet DD+

If you are an ample busted lady and need fruit bowls rather than egg cups then you will generally need to go up a band size and down a cup size when buying a bullet. This is because Bullet bras do not have the stretch bands or underwire associated with the traditional modern style bras.

The Fit of A Soft Bullet Bra Cup

I have modelled (and worn) a fair few of these bras. If the idea of a fully pointed conical bra terrifies you at first, then the soft cup type is a perfect start on your pin-up journey. These will still give that 50’s hourglass shape under clothing but aren’t as severe. One thing worth mentioning when it comes to larger sizes is that the bullet bra may not sit directly on the breastbone like a standard bra. This does not mean they are fitting wrongly. Just go through the usual checklist that you would when buying a standard bra:
1) Are the lines smooth, not riding up etc?
2) Does the bra feel comfortable? If it’s digging in or feels baggy then it’s most probably not the right size!
3) And finally, do you feel supported? Do your bosoms feel fabulous? If they do, then they’re also going to look sensational!!

Padded Bullets

Just in the way modern style bras have padding to give our bazookas extra oomph, so too can padded bullet bras. Designed primarily for ladies with smaller cup sizes but also for those ladies just wanting that stop-and-stare-at-me silhouette. Imagine how that extra bit of point-power is going to look under a tight turtleneck sweater! VA VA BOOOOB!

Bullet Bra Pads

Believe it or not, these little twin foam inserts were around in the 50’s and were commonly known as ‘falsies’. These, of course, are not necessary for the pointy shape but they do give a boost. Perfect for anyone wanting that little bit more. However, I will add that Revival Lingerie do not sell the pads but they are available elsewhere.

So there you have it ladies, the lowdown on the bullet bra. Super comfy, insanely sexy and absolutely essential for every pin-up in the making. Get swooping, scooping and shimmying that sensational set!

By Grace Eden

Comments (5)

  • Revival Lingerie do great quality lingerie at really good prices, and I would happily recommend them to casual lingerie wearers and experienced wearers alike! Just be aware that the bullet bras come up a cup size too big, and the suspender belts work better at a smaller size, and you re all good!

  • My wife is a 40 H do you have a builet bra hot her? How much does it cost

    Dave falls
    • Sorry our bullet bras only go up to 38G

  • What size would I be in a bullet bra if I am a 34g in us reg cup size I herd bullet bras have very small bands

    • Hi, go for your usual size bra as our bras are made to fit standard bra sizes πŸ™‚


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